Code of practice for Bed bug infestations in Australia

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Code of practice for Bed bug infestations in Australia

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Bed bugs are a major problem in the world and can mainly be encountered in areas where people are sleeping. Infestations do not just occur by picking up bed bugs in an infested bed but also shops, offices, hospitals, physician waiting rooms, public transport systems (planes, trains, and buses), and cinemas.

The increase in infestations is due to poor pest control and the failure to provide instructions to members on ‘best practices’ to prevent or delay resistance developing to insecticides of bed bugs.

The ‘European Code of Practice Bed Bug Management’ is a quality document that was developed from the third edition of the Australian CoP and has been adjusted for the European market. The Bed Bug Foundation (BBF) and the Working Party for the Australian CoP shared information to improve standards on bed bug management.

The ‘NPMA BMP Bed Bugs Best Management Practices’ was released in 2011 (NPMA 2011) from the US. The European Code was used to improve the Australian CoP to fight against bed bugs even though it has limited detail.

Bed bugs are a worldwide problem and infestations can be reduced if best practice management options are used globally. Other organizations and stakeholders working in pest management and accommodation industries are welcome to use the CoP.

In the US, one of the best methods to control bed bugs is thermal heating which is also included in this CoP(Section 17.1.4). Thermal heat can end infestations rapidly but can also result in fires and such treatments can only be conducted by professionals.

The development of Proactive Management Plans (Section 16.1) is there to assist accommodation industries and to reduce the impact of bed bugs. The development and Proactive Management plan should be part of a Bed Bug Management Policy and Procedural Guide.

An ‘Eradication Declaration’ report should be submitted by Pest Managers at the end of the treatment process to list any obstacles to successful treatment.

Bedbug Code of practice

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