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Funnel Web Or Trap Door Spider


The difference between Funnel Web Spiders and trap door spiders

Both the Sydney Funnel web spider and trap door spiders are classified as ground spiders which means unlike other spiders they do not create webs.

Ground Spiders are found dwelling underneath bark, rocks, and other objects on the ground and will only leave the burrows when they need to hunt for food.

All ground spiders are nocturnal hunters and hide during the day, however, there have been reports that ground spiders have ventured out to find a mate or to move to higher ground during heavy rain and floods.

The funnel web spider is considered the deadliest spider in Australia, whilst the trapdoor spiders venom is not fatal to humans and only causes minor symptoms.

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To the untrained eye, both spiders do look the same, however one is dangerous and deadly and the other is considered a low risk.

Funnel Web Spider

Trapdoor Spider

  • The cephalothorax is hairless, smooth and gloss black.
  • Black, brown, or purple abdomen.
  • Body and legs are covered in fine hairs
  • Males have a spur on the 3rd part of the 2nd leg
  • The male has slender legs.
  • The male is 20mm in length.
  • The female is 30mm in length .
  • Large fangs
  • Visible spinnerets
  • Black or brown in colour
  • Stocky in appearance
  • Their body is covered in thin hairs
  • Stout bodies and legs
  • The jaw is attached to the front of its head
  • Short blunt spinnerets
  • Males have a double spurs hallway along their first leg
  • Powerful jaws and sharp fangs


Funnel Web Spider

Trapdoor Spider


Funnel Web Spiders

Trapdoor Spiders

  • Found in forest regions and in dry open forests.
  • They can be found throughout Sydney regions.
  • Burrow in moist, sheltered, and cool habitats such as :
  • Under rocks
  • Inside and under logs
  • Holes in Barked trees
  • Garden rockeries
  • Dense shrubs

Funnel webs burrow have irregular silk trip line that comes out from the entrance of the burrow.

  • Found along the coastal and highland regions of Eastern Australia.
  • The common brown trap door spider can be found in all areas around Sydney.
  • Found scattered over lawns.
  • Some burrows are open, without a trap door.
  • The trap doors are often made with soil or leaf litter.

Trapdoor spiders do not have trip lines coming out of their burrow.


Funnel Web Spiders

Trapdoor spiders

  • Bites are lethal
  • The venom attacks the nervous system.
  • Bites cause extreme pain, breathing problems, seizures, and high blood pressure.
  • Death can occur within a few hours.

Antivenom is available for funnel web spider bites.

  • Bites are not dangerous to humans
  • Bites can cause pain and swelling

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