Covid-19 & Pest Control

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Covid-19 & Pest Control

Covid-19 & Pest Control

During this time of crisis more than ever people need to stay healthy.

Pest control is considered an essential business as our industry protects environment, our food sources, homes and businesses form pests.

Pest control prevents noxious pests from weakening the health and immune system of people.

Our biggest concern is the safety of our staff & the protection of our clients.

During these unprecedented times we have implemented a covid-19 safety protocol

What we are doing to protect our clients

  • All employees are required to report if they are unwell or have come into contact with someone who is unwell.
  • We will keep the recommended distance of social distancing whenever possible and ask that you do the same
  • We will be washing our hands with soap before and after attending your property


  • Where possible and if agreed by you, we will request using the key to enter the property when you are not home to minimise contact and exposure


What we ask from clients

  • If a trades personย or one of our staff is required to come to your property to carry out maintenance or an inspection that you inform us prior to attending if you are sick, have been in contact with somebody who has or is being tested for the virus or if you have travelled overseas within the last 14 days.
  • Cashless payments where possible.


Pest Control services is an essential key to public health and safety.

Pest control cannot prevent Covid-19 but it does control pests that can compromise health, therefore weakening the immune system.

Sydneys Best Pest Control will remain open, ready to serve our clients & our greater community

May you & your families stay safe & healthy.

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