Rat Infestations during COVID-19

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Rat Infestations during COVID-19

Rat Infestations during COVID-19

Various media reports have shown an increase in rat activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This in turn may lead to resident’s exposure and susceptibility to diseases.

International Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that the initiative of preventing the spread of the virus has led to rodent-human behavioral changes.

This results in health, economic and social impacts.

With restrictions worldwide, many restaurants have closed and with reduced sales and less overflowing trash bins, rodents have become more aggressive as their food supply subsided while trying to stay alive.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, there have been reports of increased aggression, as rats become more desperate in search of sufficient food supply which has caused an escalation of rat cannibalism and infanticide has become the norm.

There have been well documented escalated rat infestation complaints in residential as well as commercial areas.

The chances of homes and businesses being invaded by rats are a lot higher than ever before.

Whether you are in an urban or residential area, there are ways and means to prevent the rats from invading your property.

Prevention Tips

If a rodent infestation has occurred at your home or business ensure thorough cleaning guidelines are followed, to reduce the risk of exposure to rodent borne illnesses.

β€’ Seal all entry points in and around your house. Even the smallest holes are accessible entries to them. Check along the foundation of your house, near doors and doorways, in window screens, in and around the fireplace, attic, around all the vents, in the basement and the roof.

β€’ Keep all areas in and around your home clean.

β€’ Rats are opportunistic feeders and attracted to any available food source. Make sure all food is stored in sealed containers and countertops and kitchen areas are free from crumbs and leftover food. Make sure your animal areas are clean and store away all pet food.

A professional pest control service is necessary to avoid your property being infested by rodents, who introduce the risk of diseases being spread.

Our highly qualified team of experienced professionals at Sydney’s Best Pest Control, pride ourselves with excellence, thorough work ethics and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our top priority is to protect you, your family, and your home.

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