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How to Remove Bed Bugs?

How to Remove Bed Bugs?

If you own or manage a hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, a brothel, a hostel, a college dorm or really any location that is equipped with a bed then you need to have a bed bug response plan.

If you do not have a bedbug plan in place Sydney’s Best Pest Control are here to help! Why not give us a call and educate yourself so you can teach your staff and cleaners on what to look out for and what to do if anything is found!

Below are some details of what your bedbug response plan should contain

Staff Training

Ensure your staff & cleaners are educated on bedbugs, what signs to look out for and what to do if they find any.  Education always has to be the first point of call


Staff should sign a confidentiality form to ensure that any bug or insect infestation is kept under wraps. Infestations of bedbugs or other pests could harm your reputation & your business.


Immediate action should be taken as soon as bedbugs are confirmed. The affected room and rooms joining and across from the affected room should be closed off. Even if it means closing down for a day, the profits you will lose in one day will be more of a benefit than continuing business and risking your entire reputation

Call In The experts

Do not waste your time and your money by trying DIY treatments. They will not work, by delaying calling in the professionals you are allowing the infestation to increase which will make eradication harder.

Do Not Panic

While bedbug infestations can be difficult to control and eradicate Sydney’s Best Pest Controls’ technicians are experts when it comes to bedbug treatments. We can take care of all your bedbug needs, advise on prevention and guide you through the preparation steps

If you have a bedbug problem in your line of business, do something about it, don’t allow your reputation, your business go down the drain by something, a bug that can be dealt with quietly, discreetly and with minimal fuss to your business.

Give us a call on 1800 819 189 and talk to one of our pest control experts. We can also set up a preventative maintenance plan in the fight against bedbugs.