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How to do a Bedbug inspection

How to do a Bedbug inspection

With the holiday season approaching fast families begin planning and preparing themselves to pack their bags and leave on their annual vacation.

Many Australians tempted by overseas destinations hop on a plane and take a long flight to their desired destination

As the weeks of travelling, sightseeing & feasting on local cuisines ends and travellers head home relaxed with wonderful memories  to share with family & friends..

What if I was to tell you, memories may not be the only thing you bring home with you?

TRAVEL WARNING: Bedbugs may just hitch a free ride home with you!

What are bedbugs?

Bedbugs are tiny insects that feed on blood.

In their early stage (known as nymphs) bedbugs are translucent and are about 1 mm in length.

Adult bedbugs’ range between 5 -10mm and are brown in colour,

Bedbugs are blood suckers and prefer to dine on human blood but will feast on other warmed blooded animals if humans are not available.

This is one reason why bedbugs are known as the vampires of the insect world.

Bedbugs leave evidence of themselves in the way of

  • Moulted body parts
  • Droppings, which are dark in colour and look like ink spots

Why are bedbugs a problem?

During the last century bedbugs were almost eradicated and made extinct, however they have made a massive come back especially in the hotel industry, which is estimated as seen a 400% increase in bedbugs in recent years.

Bedbugs spread quickly because of their size. Being so small they can get into your clothes, luggage, shoes etc undetected.

A single breeding pair can leave to an infestation of thousands in just months! 

The best way to stop bedbugs spreading is to ensure you don’t stay in a hotel room that has them.

I can hear you ask; well how do I do that?


Follow our guide on how to check for things that go BITE in the night


There is a simple remembering tools called BUGS


Under the sheets and Seams


Surrounding Furniture



When you are shown to your room, place all of your luggage in the bathroom and if possible inside the bathtub.

Bedbugs are unable to climb up ceramic surfaces.

Under the Sheets & in the seams

You are not just looking for the bugs themselves but also their moults and droppings

Pull back the sheets and check on top of the mattress to see if there are any signs of bedbugs

If the top part of the mattress is clear, run a nail along the underneath of the seams of the entire mattress


Check the ground around the bed.

Bedbugs tend not to stray further than a few meters away from the food source

Use a torch/phone light to help look in hard to see areas

Surrounding Furniture

Lastly, do a sweep over any furniture in the surrounding areas, pay particular attention to upholstered furniture especially around the seams and  hide holes.

If you have found bedbugs on your inspection Contact the room manager and request a change of rooms.

If you have brought bedbugs back with you do not delay in getting the problem treated by a professional pest control company.

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