Are You Buying A New Home?

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Are You Buying A New Home?

Pest & Building Inspections Sydney

Buying a new home can be exciting as well as scary, because there are hidden dangers that can lurk behind walls, in roof cavities, in sub floors that the average person may not be able to detect.

A pest and building inspection is the buyers chance to ensure the house has no hidden surprises. A typical pest and building inspection includes a check of the structures and condition, from the roof down to its foundation, as well as checking for the presence of wood insects such as termites or borers.

It often comes down to the decision of the pest and building inspection as to whether a potential buyer goes ahead with the purchase or walks away, for this reason alone you should only use an honest and reliable company.

What Will The Inspection Check For?

Termites & Borers

It may be the home you have fallen in love with, but it also may be the home termites and other borers have set up home. The sooner a termite infestation is detected & treated the better.

Eradicating these pests is just the first step & it can be an expensive add on to the price of the home.

If the home is free of termites and no prevention barriers are in place you may also want to consider the cost of a termite barrier system. Yes they can be expensive but not as expensive as needing to rebuild your home due to termite damage.

Poor Drainage

Poor drainage can lead to wood rot, moist basements, crawlspaces which can lead to major mould issues. Poor drainage can also invites unwanted pests into your home.

Leaking taps can be an invitation for cockroaches and termites.


When moisture has become a problem, mould grows. Mouldy rooms can affect people’s health; it can trigger and be a cause of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Be wary when considering purchasing a property that has extensive mould because it can be a sign that there has been a long term moisture issue.


Cracked or crumbling foundations must be repaired which will also add to the cost of your home. Foundation repairs tend to be very expensive.


The age of type of roofing material should also be considered when purchasing a house. For example if the roofing material is asbestos based then the cost to repair or replace will be costly as special procedures need to be implemented to ensure the home owners and neighbours are not exposed to asbestos.

Entrance holes in roofing can also allow possums or rats to move in with you.

Toxic Materials

It is not only in the roofing material that asbestos can be found. In older style houses asbestos was used in a homes finishes. Other toxic materials may include lead paint, Chinese drywall. These will all need to be removed & the areas repaired if you are still considering purchasing this home.


Take it from me; the last thing you want in your home is faulty wiring! During the inspection process the technician will look into the electric box to check for overloaded circuits, that the wires are properly grounded ( otherwise you end up getting electric shocks- which are quite painful) and any trouble spots which are likely to become a fire hazard.

If the house has had previous rodent infestations it is possible that some of the wiring may be damaged due to the rats continuous gnawing on the wires.

Sydney’s Best Pest Control can take care of all you building and pest inspections. If you are in the process of buying a new home and have not yet had your building and pest inspection done, do not delay, give us a call on 1800 819 189 and book an appointment.

You don’t want to wait until after you have bought the property to find out you need to spend great sums of money to repair damage that was hidden or not known to you because you failed to take the steps to protect yourself, your money & your investment.