What the Flock… Pigeons!

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What the Flock… Pigeons!

What the Flock… Pigeons!

Growing up in the Philippines, pigeons were considered pets, living their life with their owners in cages within the yard, on balconies or even in the rooves of houses.

Coming to Australia I was soon to learn that whilst some people keep homing pigeons as pets and even train and race them I was surprised to learn that they are also seen as a pest.

The larger the flock of pigeons, the greater risk they hold to the general public.

There is over 60 diseases that are linked to pigeons and are spread either by their droppings or airborne illnesses that can affect humans and pets.

Whilst sitting at a park or taking a stroll along the beach we are entertained by their antics, but the real threat is when their flocks become large.

We have taken many calls from customers begging us to do something about the pigeons nesting on or within their roof cavity, their balconies, under solar panels.

The biggest complaint from customers is about the smell and the ugliness of the sight of their droppings!

Imagine having to clean up bird droppings on a daily basis, you leave it clean only to come back the next morning to find you need to do it all again.

Pigeons are attracted to areas where they are comfortable, which includes a nice view of their feeding areas which is why the roof of a house or the gutters is ideal

When  pigeons flock  and make your roof and verandas their regular meeting place it would be best to take certain precautions.


1. Don’t become your streets “Bird Lady”

As with most animals, if you feed pigeons, they will keep coming back.  The abundance of easily accessible food will also attract others. It is a little-known fact that pigeons are prolific gossipers.

2. Eradicate all other food sources.

Any readily available food source will have them flock into your home. Make sure that all trash is properly sealed and placed in a bin with the lid closed. If you have a vegetable garden, check the garden deterrence tips below.


Use a scarecrow

You can purchase one from your local garden store or make your own. Place it where you most often see the birds hanging around. It should effectively scare the pigeons away and make sure to change its position every few days

Try balloons.

Balloons can be very effective if the flock of birds mostly gather on the nearby trees. They can be also a good deterrent against crows. Purchase balloons and tie them up tightly on branches with a shiny or reflective ribbon. Every time the wind blows, they will move around and keep the birds away.



Some bird experts have recommended hanging up CDs on string. As the light reflects of the CDs it deters the pigoens from nesting



Other suggestions may include statues of owls or plastic snakes positioned in areas that could also deter birds



If you have fruit trees in your backyard that could provide a free feast for birds, we recommend covering the trees with netting to protect your fruit and keep the birds away.

3. Protect sheds

Consider installing bird netting to protect your shed or other garden constructions from unwanted visitors. The netting is a good way to protect any garden building while not harming the birds.


4.Get a dog.

Dogs love to chase birds. If the pigeons gather around your deck or patio, there isn’t a better deterrent than man’s best friend.


If none of the above works or you don’t want to deal with all this work, you can always call Sydneys Best Pest Control on 1800 819 189 for help and leave the job to the professionals.