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Deterring Birds

How you can deter birds in your workplace

However, what happens when birds take up roost at your workplace?

Birds are attracted to easy and reliable food sources that are easy to obtain and are available on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons that bins in school yards, shopping centre skip bins and warehouse are an attractant to birds, as there is a buffet of food just waiting for it to be eaten

If you are anything like my daughter she has a very real fear of birds, she just needs to seem them flying anywhere close to her and she ducks (no pun intended) for cover!

Whilst some bird fears I can understand such as the swooping magpies in summer, others donโ€™t really bother me, as long as they are keeping to their areas and staying out of mine!

However, this sometimes is not a choice as birds may choose your eaves, balconies, near by trees and even inside your roof to make their next home.

Food Disposal Tips

The first deterrent is to reduce the food that is readily available for birds

Close the bin with tight fitting lidโ€“ weather is be the regular wheelie bins or the large skips, ensure that the lid is secured after use, and not easily opened.

Hide the sources of food โ€“ move your bins inside at night or relocate them to another part of your property.

Correct Disposal โ€“ Ensure that all rubbish is disposed properly, as birds have sharp beaks and can easily open garbage bags.

Other ways to deter birds from my workplace

Birds can gain access to your warehouse through loading bays and damaged roofs.

A bird only needs a gap of about 25mm to find their way in!

  • Ensure the loading bay doors are closed when not in use
  • all holes and gaps are filled
  • Repair any damaged areas of your ceiling

Did you know?

Birds can cause serious water damage to your structure and stock by blocking drains with their nests and dislodging roof tiles?

Diseases & Parasites carried by Birds

Birds carry disease and parasites in their feathers and droppings which become airborne dust riddled with bacteria and fungii.

What Solutions are available to deter birds?

If you have a bird issue that you are unable to control on your own, it is time to call Sydneys Best Pest Control

We will create a custom plan suitable for your location and requirements.

Here are the options available:

Bird netting โ€“ an immediate, effective and discreet solution to rid an area of all pest bird species

Bird Spikes โ€“ a humane method which gently pushes the birds off balance

Electric Bird Deterrents โ€“ is a cost effective and discreet solution to keep birds away

Optical Bird Scarer โ€“ harmlessly relocates birds by reflecting light beams.

Bird Shooting โ€“ Only if all other measures are not working and approval required

Bird Baiting โ€“ Only if all other measures are not working and approval required