Bird Lice – How to get rid of them?

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Bird Lice - How to get rid of them?

Bird Lice – How to get rid of them?

Have you seen small dots crawling around your house, on your walls, ceiling, and even your bed?

Have you seen or heard any birds chirping and nesting in your roof?

Are you seeing bite marks and not sure what is biting you?

If your answer is “YES” then it is possible that your house is infested with bird lice.

Bird Lice are tiny mites that typically infest birds. They exist where birds are especially during the warmer climates. They tend to overspread during late spring and early summer when birds are out in abundance.

They usually live within the nest of their host which are frequently found in the roof spaces, small cracks in the walls, eaves, window ledges, and chimneys.

Although bird lice are not harmful to humans, as they are not known to carry diseases that can be passed on, their bites can result to red marks on the skin and may cause irritations and itching.

So how do we get rid of bird lice?

Initially, it will be best to find the location of the nest. The most important step is to remove the birds’ nests found as lice resides there where the host is. Following the removal of the nest the insecticide treatment for the lice according to the label instructions.

For best results, it is best to contact the experts in getting rid of the bird lice. This will ensure eradication of the current issue as well as to stop any future infestation.

If you are being bitten or have any questions about bird lice feel free to give Sydneys Best Pest Control on 1800 819 189