How we deal with your pest control complaint

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How we deal with your pest control complaint

We Love to hear your complaints.

Every business loves it when they hear fantastic feedback from their customers, however due to different circumstances not every single one of your customers is going to be satisfied.

If you have not been completely satisfied with the pest control service you have received we ask that you let us know so that we can rectify the situation.

Sydneys Best Pest Control has developed a simple yet effective plan to handle any pest control customer complaints.

We Listen

Carefully to all of our customers concerns and pest issues that have not gone away

We Understand

That you may be upset and angry (which is understandable) but our staff know it is not a personal attack, and we will remain calm and continue to listen

We Apologise

For the inconvenience and distress this may have caused you. We are a family based company and we view our customers are apart of our family. Without YOU we could simply not operate. Your satisfaction is what is important to us!

We Make Amends- We look for solutions, WE DON’T MAKE EXCUSES

We will organise for a tech to come back out to your property, and redo the pest control treatment at no cost to you, at a time that suits you!

We will NOT say:

    • It is your fault (the cockroaches are back)
    • You’re wrong
    • It’s not our fault or problem
    • I don’t know (if the consultant is unsure of an answer, they will speak to the technician and get back to you)
    • There is nothing we can do (all problems arising from a pest control treatment can be fixed)

We understand that some people do not like to call and complain but we ask that you do!

How can we improve on our services, if we don’t know what to improve on?

If you were not happy with the pest control treatment, let us know!


If you were not happy with the phone service, let us know!

If you were not happy with the pest control technician, let us know!

If You are happy with the service tell OTHERS AND TELL USΒ and if you still not happy we will refund your money.