The ants go marching one by one

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The ants go marching one by one

The ants go marching one by one

If you find a trail of marching ants in your home, trust us when we say you are not alone. There are many different species of ants that may find their way into your home.

Ants are probably one of the most annoying pests because our customers constantly tell us “we clean up, we think they are gone and then they are back!”

One of the reasons for this could be the fact that ants leave behind a Pheromone which clearly marks and alerts other ants that there is a food source available.

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How YOU can help Prevent Ants from invading your home

Ants usually come inside your home looking for food and are attracted by sweet and sticky substances.


  • Clean up spills and food crumbs quickly.
  • Empty rubbish bins often.
  • Do not feed pets inside.
  • Store food in pest-proof containers.
  • Rinse out jars and containers before placing them in rubbish and recycling bin


  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from your house.
  • Keep gutters and storm drains free of debris.
  • Watch for new ant mounds or nests around your home.
  • Keep trash bags sealed and in closed garbage cans.
  • Seal doors and windows