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Have you ever wondered how on earth those pesky bed bugs have found their way into your home?

Despite the name, Bed bug infestations can be found anywhere not just in bedrooms. Hotels, hospitals, homes, public transportation etc. Bed bugs are travellers, hitchhikers and they are really very good at hiding. Because of their size being so small they can hide in places such as couches, electrical switch plates and picture frames. As they are so proficient at going unnoticed you wouldn’t really know that you have it in other areas unless you are being bitten or seeing live activities.

Are bedbugs disturbing your sleep?



Purchasing second hand furniture can bring bed bugs into your home, especially items such as mattresses, couches, and chairs. Make sure to check all folds and seams in the fabric using a flashlight.





Hotels are high on the list

  • When traveling always inspect your room for any signs of bed bugs before even unpacking, leave your luggage in the bathroom.
  • Make sure to check the seams of the mattress, headboards, sofas, and chairs.
  • When returning from a trip wash all clothing in hot water to kill any potential bed bugs that could have been picked up. Vacuum your suitcases before bringing into your home.



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Offices can also be a site where bed bugs can be found.

    • Clean and vacuum all office areas on a daily basis.
    • Regular inspections should be done to look for bed bug infestations.
    • Eliminate all clutter, especially in storage areas.
    • Inspect all items when receiving new inventory or furniture.



Once the bedbugs are in the house, they look for dark hiding places where they can gain access to their food source, which is you. Beds and furniture make the perfect spot to hide as they can come out easily to feed at night while you are sleeping and hide in the safety of the bed frame or mattress if disturbed.

If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, call  Sydney’s Best Pest Control immediately on 1800 819 189  and speak to one of our friendly staff to schedule your treatment

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