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Food services pest control solutions

Food Services Pest Control Solutions 

How to Manage & Control Cockroach Infestation

Customer service is not just in the way you greet your customers or how you serve your food, it can go as far as providing a clean, safe and healthy establishment for everyone.

The presence of pests in your restaurant can ruin your reputation and cause your Sydney based establishment to quickly lose loyal clients.

It is essential that all food premises in Sydney have an effective pest control solution, not just to eradicate pests but to ensure they do not come back.

Steps to Stop Cockroach Infestations

A cockroach infestation is a cause for concern, especially in the food service business.

A single customer seeing a sight of a cockroach scuttling across the table for them to fly out the door – along with your fine reputation.

If a health inspector happens to spot a cockroach during an inspection, this could shut down your operation for days, and be listed on the name and shame website!

It is imperative that you keep cockroaches out of your premises.

Pest control and commercial food premises ideally need to work hand in hand to get the pest out of your pest control and to prevent creating an environment that would allow pests to return.

  1.    Keep the Kitchen Clean

Cockroaches prefer warm temperatures, so the kitchen serves as a perfect spot for them.

As the kitchen is where you stock and prepare all the food, this area is usually where an infestation commonly occurs.

To stop cockroaches from breeding and living in your kitchen, it’s important to:

  • clean all areas
  • keep all food in airtight containers.
  • Never leave food on the counter
  • Make sure to clean all dirty dishes.
  • Wipe up spills as they happen
  • sweep up crumbs
  • mop the floor
  • wipe the counters throughout the day and at the end of the service.
  • empty the trash bins
  • Wash trash bins to ensure crumbs of food are not left for the cockroaches to find.
  1.    Clean All Other Areas

The most basic yet one of the best pest control solutions is to keep all areas in your restaurant clean and sanitary.

It’s important to:

  • thoroughly clean the dining area
  • clean the tables, chairs and counters,
  • sweep, mop or vacuum the floors.
  • keep your bathrooms clean at all times.
  1.    Check for Cracks, Leaks and Gaps

Cockroaches can enter your restaurant through tiny cracks in the doorway, in the foundation, bathroom pipes and air conditioning units.

It is important to inspect the inside and outside of your restaurant and look for them. If you see cracks and gaps in the foundation, you need to seal them up.

Leaks in you water system should also be fixed immediately.

Inspect the insides of your cabinets and other areas that serve as perfect hiding spots for roaches.

Closing all these entry points can keep cockroaches out of your food service business.

  1.    Have an Effective Pest Management Plan

All restaurants should conduct a routine inspection and have a pest control management plan to keep cockroaches and other pests like rats, flies, ants and bugs out of your premises.

Talk to Sydney’s Best Pest Control to help you design an effective program to eliminate & prevent pest infestations in your restaurant.