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What Are Fleas

How to deal with fleas


I am a dog lover, I guess most of us and others would be cat lovers.

We hug our dogs or cats and let them sleep with us on our beds and live with us on our homes. So when they get itchy we most of the time get itchy too. And I know how irritating it is for you.

It is because when fleas get into our house on the backsides of our dog or cat, they too target us causing itchy bites as they feed on blood. And a home infestation is caused when fleas hatch from eggs in our home.

Even if you do not have pets in your home, you can still have  a flea infestation that may come from  a friend’s dog who visits your house or a neighbour’s cat who visits your house (with or without your permission).

And if you have not been treating your pet then these fleas will breed and lay eggs in your pet’s coat which naturally fall out wherever they go and will hatch. It is important to understand that fleas will persist if you only address one or two locations where they are breeding If the pet spends a lot of time both inside and out, then consider treating the pet, yard and home.

Always remember that flea control is egg control. If you stop the eggs from developing on the pet, in the yard and in the home – you can’t have fleas!

Sydney’s Best pest Control can inspect your home for fleas, identify the treatment areas and do what necessary to eradicate them at every stage of their lives.