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What Are Fleas

Flea Haven

The Australian dream is to have a house, with a big backyard a couple of kids and a pet.

Many Australians choose a dog or cat as their pet of choice, and they become part of the family!

Just as we hug our children we also give out hugs to our dogs & cats. We let them sleep with us on our beds and live with us on our homes.

We understand that when they itch we might get itchy as well!

Having pets is a wonderful blessing and comes with a big responsibility to ensure our pet stays healthy, well fed, watered and pest free.

Pets such as dogs and cats are not immune to fleas, ticks or even flies!

As a pet owner you need to ensure you are protecting your pet against fleas and ticks, not just to protect them, but also to protect yourself, your children and your home.

When fleas are introduced to the house from our dog or cat, they tend to also target us causing bites and skin irritations.

Did you know that fleas can be brought into your house even if you do not have.

Neighbouring cats that visit your home or yard, friends that come over who have flea issues in their home can all introduce fleas into your home.

Don’t let your home become a flea haven!

If you have an issue with fleas or are concerned about fleas call Sydney’s Best pest Control on 1800 819 189 for a free advice or a free no obligation quote!