When Bees Swarm

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What to do when bees swarm?

What to do when bees swarm?

This morning we have taken numerous customers who are experiencing bees swarming and trying to enter their house and on a few occasions actually getting inside the house through vents, windows, chimneys & doors.

This can be scary and especially if a family member has an allergy to bees can prove life-threatening.

Why Do Bees Swarm?

Swarming is a natural part of their reproductive life and often takes place from September right through to December. The rise in temperature, the abundance of nectar and pollen stimulate the colony to begin reproduction to increase the size of the colony. When the colony size increases it causes overcrowding, thus forcing the bees to go in search of a new home.

What Time Do Bees Swarm?

Bees will often emerge from their hives and begin to swarm from 11am -2pm on warm sunny days.

How Long Do Bees Swarm For?

The swarm may be visible anywhere from 1-2 hours and in some instances may remain for a few days.

Are Bee Swarms Dangerous?

Bee swarms are not usually aggressive however if provoked or aggravated they will become defensive. The longer a swarm is around for the more defensive they will become.

What Should You Do If You Come Across A Bee Swarm?

  • Keep children and pets inside until the flight of bees have clustered onto a bush or tree
  • Keep children and pets away from the swarm
  • Call a professional beekeeper to have the cluster removed
  • Always wear shoes outside in case bees have nested on the ground
  • Do not hose it, poke it, throw stones at it
  • Interfering with the swarm will make it more difficult for a beekeeper or licensed pest control operator to deal with the bees.

If you discover a swarm or bees call Sydney’s Best Pest Control and they will put you through to a licensed beekeeper. We are joining the effort to #savethebees and if possible will have the bees removed, alive and move to another location.