The end of the holiday season

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The end of the holiday season

The End Of The Holiday Season

With the major holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and The New Year behind us many people would be heading home from their summer vacations and begin starting to pack up their Decorations until next year.

In this blog post we are going to be covering 2 topics, coming home from holiday pest free and how to store your beloved decorations to keep them pest free!

The holiday period is a time for relaxation and enjoyment & part of the fun may include welcome surprises such as discovering the perfect restaurant, making new friends, or just enjoying the company of family.

One surprise you do not want is unwelcome pests that have decided to hitch a ride to come home with you.

No matter what your local destination was  the threat of  bring home pests is real, even more so during the summer and holiday seasons.

Bed bugs

The vampires of the insect world usually can be found in mattresses and bedding, but they can also be found  in the seams of headboards, drawers, and outlets.

Signs of bedbugs could include finding itchy welts on exposed skin and dark spots on bedding caused by crushed bugs and their waste.

They can latch onto anything, including luggage and clothing, and hitch a ride home!

When returning home to reduce the risk of bedbugs

  • Leave luggage outside and keep it up high off the floor
  • Wash all clothing upon return in hot water
  • Place all clothing in a hot dryer
  • Spray the empty suitcase with Baygon or Mortein and place in a bag leaving it sealed for 6 weeks

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The most common insect throughout the world that love to hide in cardboard boxes, clothing and luggage and tend to gather around food and water sources, including drains, pantries and leaky faucets.

Cockroaches multiply quickly, so fast action and treatment is a must.

Arm yourself against cockroaches.

  • Inspect likely hiding places upon entering
  • Empty and destroy any cardboard boxes you have used.
  • Avoid bringing home food items that attract cockroaches.

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These jumping insects are the enemies of both humans and pets.

Fleas tend to reside in bedding, carpeting, and soft furniture. You may have noticed occasional bites that will become more frequent as the infestation grows over time.

Awareness is key in the fight against fleas.

Thoroughly clean all clothing and luggage and treat your pets for fleas.

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Deck the halls next year without bringing pests inside your home

The Greenery – Trees, Wreaths & Garlands

Opening them up

Bringing in live trees or other natural decorations into your house, ensure you shake them out, outside before bringing them inside.

Insects such as aphids and beetles can nest in Christmas trees and other holiday greenery, and whilst a good shaking might not get rid of all of them, it is better than not doing anything at all.

For those who reuse artificial greenery, vacuum the branches either before you assemble it or before you hang up your ornaments.

Packing them Up

Use a sealed plastic bag or storage container to prevent against pests, water damage, and humidity.

Boxed Decorations

Opening them up

Inspect boxes where the decorations were being  stored and look for any signs of a pest infestation.

No one wants to take box full of ants or cockroaches from your garage and set it down in the middle of your living room!

Things to look out for include spider webs, droppings, dead insects, and gnaw marks.

Packing them Up

Always use plastic bins that can be sealed rather than cardboard

Cardboard boxes provide an ideal habitat for a variety of pests, especially cockroaches and silverfish.

Fabric Decorations

Opening them up


Fabric decorations such as stockings, run them through a wash cycle and dryer can help stop the spread of live pests.

Packing them Up

Store in plastic boxes to prevent damage by moths and other fabric pests.

You should also wash and dry them before putting them back into storage.

This is especially important for tablecloths, as even the smallest crumb can attract mice and ants.

Plastic, Metal, and Other Hard Decorations

Opening them up

Clean all hard-surfaced decorations with alcohol wipes or soap and water.

Packing them Up

Clean the same way before going back into storage .


Opening them up

Inspect for signs of  spider webs and frayed wires before removing them from storage.

Packing them Up

Inspect all internal and external lights before putting them back into storage  as you know if there was no frayed wiring and the next year you notice damage while taking them out, it likely means that mice are present where you are storing your lights!

Other Tips

  • Store holiday decorations in hard, plastic bins with tightly sealed lids
  • Do not pile discarded live trees or cut firewood near your home, as this can attract mice, termites and other pests.
  • Throw away edible decorations
  • Inspect storage area
  • Clean

If you find that you have an issue with pests that have either hitched a ride back with you from holiday or have come in on your decorations give Sydneys Best Pest Control a call on 1800 819 189 or visit our website to obtain a free quote