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Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control

Homes are quite often shared with tiny insects/pests, whether they are in your carpet, in cupboards, on your kitchen benchtops or surrounding your patio and BBQ areas.

Unfortunately, they are often the hidden unwanted intruders.

In this section we will be sharing a few natural ways you can use to try and keep these intruders at bay.

Natural Pest Control for Mosquitos

  • Water is what attracts mosquitos. Removing or minimising any source of water is a must. Examples of water sources mosquitos are attracted to are pet’s water bowls, bird baths and small wading pools. If they cannot be removed then change the water at least twice a week.
  • The next time you have a BBQ, throw a bit of Sage or Rosemary on the coals as it will help to repel mosquitos.
  • Placing Citronella beeswax and soy candles low to the floor on your deck where there is little breeze can help to repel mosquitos
  • An effective repellent is to mix one part garlic juice with 5 parts water. Dip strips of cotton cloth in the mixture and place them in areas such as your patio or porch using them as a localised deterrent.
  • Marigold plants are also known to work as a natural bug repellent as the flowers give off a smell that bugs and flying insects do not like.
  • Thai Lemon Grass contains natural citronella oils and is effective in repelling insects. You just bend the stem between your fingers for the juice to come out and then rub all over your skin. Planting this around your porch or patio area will also help repel mosquitos.


  • Mint is a great fly repellent. Place crushed mint in small sachets around the home to discourage flies.
  • Keeping a small amount of sweet basil and clover in a container around any open food helps keep flies at bay
  • A few drops of eucalyptus oil on an absorbent cloth will deter flies. Great idea to leave the cloth in areas where flies are a problem.
  • Bay leaves, cloves and eucalyptus wrapped in a small cheese cloth can be hung by open windows and doors.


Natural Pest Control for Moths

  • Dried lemon peels are a natural moth deterrent. Simply toss them into clothes chests or tie them in a cheese cloth and hang them in your closet.
  • Place bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cloves, eucalyptus leaves, lavender, pepper corns and wormwood into sachets to make your own moth repelling sachets.
  • Aromatic cedar chips or cedar oil in an absorbent cloth is also a great moth repellent.



  • Slugs are more active in the evening and nights and love damp conditions. If you normally water your garden in the evenings change your routine and water in the morning. The surface of the soil will be dry by the evening.
  • Place barriers to protect vulnerable plants and young seedlings by using crushed eggshells, lime, wood ash or wood shavings.
  • Mulch your garden with seaweed around the base of the plants or perimeter of the beds. Make sure it is at least 4’ thick. When it dries it will shrink. Seaweed is salty and slugs avoid salt. Just make sure to keep seaweed away from the stems of your plants.
  • Place small strips of copper around your flower pots or raised beds to act as barriers.
  • Slugs and snails are attracted to Beer. Place small amounts of beer in shallow wide jars buried in the soil up to its neck. Slugs will crawl in and drown.
  • Coffee grounds scattered on the tops of the soil will also help to deter slugs.