Keeping your pipes clean, commercial style!

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Drain Pests

Drain Pests

Keeping your pipes clean, commercial style!

No matter what type of food premises you own or manage you might understand that if a problem arises in the pipes it can bring a booming business to a rapid standstill.

Sydneys Best Pest Control has some great tips for cafes and restaurants in Sydney to keep their drains clear of unwanted liquids and pests.

When runoff from grease, oils and other waste seeps into your floor drains it can lead to flooding and pest issues.

Imagine you walking into a café or restaurant that reeks or has flies and other pests , you would swiftly turn around and leave , never to return.

We have taken numerous calls from clients who have ongoing issues with drain & fruit flies breeding in their commercial kitchen. Even during the colder months when staff may become apprehensive about facing the cold to take out the trash, and bags of rubbish are left by the back door to be “done later”

What happens is the trash within the bags may seep and head straight toward the floor drain, this is a playground for pests to breed!

How to prevent insect problems ?

  • Remove trash from the building as often as possible
  • Wash floors regularly
  • Scrub drains with a wire brush to remove organic build up in pipes
  • Replace door sweeps
  • Don’t leave doors open for long periods of time
  • Educate staff on proper cleaning and sanitation

If you have any ongoing issues with pests breeding in your pipes call Sydneys best Pest Control on 1800 819 189 for free advice and a free no obligation quote