Commercial Pest Control For Food Establishments

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Commercial Pest Control For Food Establishments

Commercial Pest Control For Food Establishments

Let’s face it, we are all a little naive when it comes to what is lurking around in the kitchens at the places we love to eat at. It’s kind of out of sight out of mind but we really do need to ask ourselves what lengths are our favourite restaurants go to in order to protect us as their customer.

It is sad to say that even the cleanest of restaurants can have an infestation of the dread German cockroach and we wouldn’t even know it unless we saw one scurrying around the table we sit at whilst enjoying our meal.

It’s hard to get my head around that there are some restaurants that have no clue when it comes to hygiene or simply ignore hygiene practices stated by NSW Health & Safety.

The potential risk that some restaurateurs put their customers through can lead into food poisoning which can than lead into death in severe cases.

What are some of the steps that restaurateurs can take to prevent a pest outbreak?

  • Call Sydney’s Best Pest Control to arrange a time to go out to your premises and provide you with a care plan to prevent a future outbreak
  • Keep up to date with your regular appointments
  • Make sure that all areas are to be cleaned at the end of each day
  • Put all food away in appropriate containers at the end of each day
  • Monitor and inspect regularly so you are aware if there is any pest harbouring in your premises.

It is vital that every business has a pest control management system in place in order to eradicate pest and prevent them from re-entering your premises.

Sydney’s Best Pest Control listens to their customers’ needs and customises a care plan that tailors to the needs of each business.

There has been a recent interest in government bodies regarding food hygiene as there has been many reported cases of food poisoning from customers. These government bodies hold unscheduled inspections to business who are in the food industry. If found guilty of poor hygiene and pest present you can get a hefty fine, be jailed and can also be placed on the NSW Food Authority website.

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