More Than Just A Pest Control Company

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More Than Just A Pest Control Company

We Are More Than Just A Pest Control Company

Many people have and continue to ask how could I possibly enjoy or even like working for a pest control company, when constantly I’m talking about cockroaches, rats, mice, bedbugs, etc.

The majority of my family and friends see how much I love my job, but as well, do not understand how this could be possible when all day I talk about pests and how to solve other people’s pest control issues and repeat the same words to the majority of customers that call through.

I myself never would have believed I love my job as much as I do, but in all honesty it’s not entirely the pest control aspect that keeps me coming back.

The side that no one see or probably even knows about is when once in a while you receive a call that you can relate to on a personal level.

The calls of help start about their pest issue then something amazing happens, it could be a word that slips out, the introduction of a topic or something totally unrelated to pest control and in your own mind you get flash backs to a time in the past when you have been in the same situation, the overwhelming fear of “is this treatment going to harm my mother who is fighting cancer, or my child who has an illness.”

You see these too were also my questions not that long ago.

It dawned upon me that when you go through things in life, you often question why am I being put through this? Why is my child or parent the one who has to suffer? Why me?

Maybe there is a greater purpose for our trials.

For me as I stand here today and say I believe my purpose for experiencing all I have in my past and present is maybe to be a tool to guide others, to listen and advise them from my personal past experiences and Sydney’s Best Pest Control has been the medium for this to happen.

I will give you an example.

A customer called through yesterday who was concerned about the spray as her daughter had a rare auto immune disease. A few questions later we discovered that our daughters both have the same disease.

This customer had never met or spoken to another mother whose daughter had the same condition.

Yet the day she called for pest control was the day I answered her call and she found someone else who knew and understood her fears of the chemicals and the fear of the unknown for her daughter.

It is at these times when customers call sometimes just needing someone to listen to them and to plain and simply understand their fear and their anxieties.

It is the returning customers who ask for you personally, who ask how you are, how things are going.

It’s the technicians who have become more like family than just co workers.

It’s all these things together that has made my job more than just customer service, more than just another pest control company.

This and the amazing job done by our technicians is what makes Sydney’s Best Pest Control the company it is today!