Are your gutters a haven for pests?

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Are your gutters a haven for pests?

Are your gutters a haven for pests?

Your gutters perform a critically important role by channelling rainwater away from your home.

For gutters to do the job they are meant to do, you must also do yours.

Sydneys Best Pest Control recommend that at least twice a year you have to inspect and clear gutters of any leaves, twigs, and other debris.

If it has been a while since you last cleared your gutters, there is a chance that they have become a harbourage for all sorts of pests.

Some of those pests that find your gutters particularly hospitable are potentially damaging to your home.


Mosquitoes breed in standing/still water which is why so many homeowners are careful to ensure there is no water accumulating in vessels such as empty pot plants, children’s toys & discarded tyres.

However, Β have you forgotten to attend to the gutter?

If debris is allowed to accumulate in the gutters, the uncleared matter can block the free flow of water and allow it to collect, forming a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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Whilst their colourful feathers and beautiful chirping sounds can many of us so much joy in your yards, there are risks when birds decide to nest in your gutters.

Issues that can arise from birds nesting in your gutters are the risk of bird lice, and their droppings can stain the exterior of your home.

Stinging Insects

Wasps and bees are known to nest both inside and beneath gutters.

No one wants to live in close proximity to a colony of stinging insects.

The weight of an especially large nest could pull down the gutters, or worse, compromise the roof itself.

If you encounter a bees’ hive act quickly to remove it.

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Think of all the debris lodged in a neglected drainage system. Leaves, twigs, pine needlesβ€”these are the building blocks that mice and other rodents rely on for their nests.

Is it no wonder that, during winter, gutters often play host to mice seeking cold-weather refuge.

The real trouble begins when mice find their way inside!

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