Can pests be helpful?

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Can pests be helpful?

Can Pests be Helpful?

Although we call them β€˜pests’ for a good reason, there are some environmental benefits from some common pests, have a read ! :

Rats and Mice!

β€œresearchers study rats and mice because they are very similar to people genetically,”- According to the Foundation for Biomedical Research.

Different Symptoms or diseases we as humans get can also be replicated through mice and rats. So, from a medical Point of view, these rodents are a vital part in contribution towards scientific research in health and safety!


As the environment benefits from pollination from bees’ wasps can also attribute in the same way as wasps feed on other bugs – as they do they fly from flower to flower and helps to spread pollen

Wasps are also very intelligent – they can recognize several different smells and scents – for which reason some researchers are aiming at using wasps to detect certain smells instead of dogs!


To no surprise I’m sure we know the crucial benefits from these guys! Honeybees are extremely important to the environment/ecosystem due to their pollination! And of course, let’s not forget the delicious honey that they produce! Due to them being more beneficial than harmful and their contribution to the environment they cannot be handled by pest controllers – In order to get rid of the bee nest you would need an experienced beekeeper to relocate the nests.


Being one of the MOST DISLIKED/FEARED pests’ spiders do have some attributes that can be deemed beneficial: By eating a vast variety of different insects they help in assisting populations of insects! Think of them as a Pest Controller and you do not even need to ask or pay for the β€˜treatment’ of eradicating unwanted pests and critters! HOWEVER – Please be very cautious of spiders as you do not want to have a poisonous spider lurking around.

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