4 ways to stop possums

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4 ways to stop possums

4 ways to stop possums

Possums can put your pets at risk, cause damage to your homes structure, spread disease, harm your children, and destroy anything your store in your roof cavity. Possums are difficult to handle and there are laws protecting them.

It is against the law to kill, eat (yes we had a customer ask if we could hand over the possum so they could eat it) or harm them!

The handling of possums is a lot harder than dealing with other pests which is why it is best left to professionals who have extensive knowledge on how to remove possums safely.

There are several very important points you should know about that will help you deter them.

Are possums invading your property?


How to keep possums away

Motion-activated sprinklers and/or lights

Purchase and install motion-activated lights and/or sprinklers. Each time a possum walks within the activation field, the light will shine on them and/or become wet from the sprinklers.

If you decide to use only motion activated lights, most possums won’t be scared off easily, so It is more efficient to use both the motion activated lights and sprinklers.

This method is the ideal natural method to deter possums.

Scatter pet hair

Locate where possums are residing on your property and scatter dog or dog hair.

Do not let your dogs or cats handle the possums as They might get injured, and you may risk getting fined if they kill a possum.

Scatter strong scent

Possums are repelled by the smell of ammonia, garlic, and mothballs.  Providing it is safe to do so, scatter around where you think possums might hang out.

Garlic works best when it’s crushed.

If you decide to use ammonia, be careful, as it can be really dangerous to yourself and pets.

Possum repellent

Spray a possum repellent around the places you have seen possum activity or around their entry points.

WARNING: Read the labels before use.

Possums are protected

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As possums are native animals in Australia, possums are protected by the Wildlife Act 1975.

The law stipulates the following:

  • Brushtail Possums can only be trapped by you, a family member, building manager or a member of the maintenance staff or a certified possum controller.
  • If you are going to trap it, the cage must not cause an injury.
  • A caught possum needs to be released on the day of capture after sunset and no more than 50 metres from where it was caught.
  • A trapped possum must be kept away from direct sunlight, rain, wind, your pets, and anything else that may cause harm to the possum.

A person can be fined up to $5,000 if a possum is harmed.


Preventive measures

  • Trim trees to limit access to the roof and stop possums from getting into your home.
  • Put up fences around your garden and other areas in your home or yard where possums can gain access to food.
  • Seal up entrance points.
  • Keep the lawns mowed
  • Keep gardens neat and tidy
  • Don’t leave rubbish or food lying around.
  • Move garbage bins away from your home.

If you are still having issues with possums call us on 1800 819 189 we have professional & trained technicians that can help.

We can safely handle the possums on your property.

Are possums invading your property?

Ways to stop possums

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