Why Rat & Mice Traps Don’t Work

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Why Rat & Mice Traps Don't Work

Do Rat & Mice Traps Work?

Is your food going missing?

Are there bite marks in your fruit?

Can you see chew holes in your walls?

Are you finding droppings around your home?

Before you take matters into your own hands–which most people do–consider these points…You’ll thank us later!

So many of our customers have told me they have set so many traps and catch no mice at all. How many times can you remember placing a piece of cheese or a blob of peanut butter on the latch and come back only to find the sneaky mouse has taken the food but not set off the trap?

Who knew that mice & rats were evolving into a super intelligent species!

Even if you were to line mouse traps along the wall and you manage to catch a mouse, you’re still only solving part of the problem–because they are still getting in, and remember mice and rats never travel alone.

Mice will not always venture to where your trap is as some mice are too young to forage for their own food or already have found a different location to feed in.

If you catch one mouse and don’t happen to catch anything again for a few weeks, it really does not mean your mouse problem is gone. It simply means that the particular mouse or mice that were foraging in that area have been eliminated or have found ways different areas to feed in or simply outsmarted us!

Let’s say you manage to place the traps all in the right places, using bait and the right placement techniques, there is still one of the most important parts that you may have missed… sealing up entrance points.

Please keep in mind that mice only need the size of the tip of your small finger to get inside the house, if your little fingers can go through a hole, then so can a mouse. All holes that are you in your home need to be filled as traps alone will not protect you.

You may ask, “Protect me from what?”

Mice are dirty pests to have in and around you home as they can spread disease, cause stomach illnesses and introduce parasites to a home or business.

Their feeding habits bring them into contact with rotting bacteria environments, and they then bring that rot into your home or business.

To read more on the illnesses that mice and rats can bring into your home, read here

Rodents also carry parasites like lice, ticks, fleas, and worms.

This is certainly not a creature you want running around in your kitchen or pantry.

If you have an issue with rats and mice you will soon come to realise that just laying traps doesn’t work.

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