There’s a Mouse in the House!

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There's a Mouse in the House!

There’s a Mouse in the House!

Feeling the cold this winter?

Guess what, we are not the only ones to be feeling the cold!

Rodents have also noticed it too and are looking for places to spend the winter. Just as birds migrate during the winter months so do rats and mice, however rats and mice aren’t going to fly south, they are moving into your home to enjoy the winter months.

Even though it doesn’t suit you, your home is the perfect, warm setting for rodents and if there is a way in the rodents will find it, you may even have a rat or mouse in your home as you read this!

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We are not saying this to use scare tactics on you, but you need to be aware that rodents could be running through the walls, in the ceiling space, in the garage or in the basement of your home!

Sydney this year has experienced an increase in rodent activity and whether this is because of ideal breeding seasons, weather or other reasons the fact remains, Sydney we have a problem!

In light of this, listed below are signs that rodents (rats or mice) are living rent free in your home.

Rodent Droppings

Is a sure sign that rats or mice have invaded your home. Look out for droppings in kitchen cupboards, drawers in the kitchen or near the stove of the fridge.

Not sure what droppings you have in your home, use our easy to follow picture guide


Rodents need to gnaw on anything to keep their teeth short, so look out for evidence of “chew marks” in food cupboards and around skirting boards. Rodents will also chew on electrical wiring, insulation, lino & basically any building structure!


You may see small piles of debris near kitchen cabinets and drawers, or in areas that contain a lot of clutter. These areas are feeding grounds for rats and mice and the piles of debris seen are rodent ‘trash’ piles.


You may hear a scrambling noise in the walls, in the kitchen cupboards, and in the attic. You may also hear chewing, scratching or squeaking noises.


Rodent urine reeks. If you smell a strong musty odour it is a sign that there is a location that that has been closed up and rodents could be high in these areas.

If you are experiencing one or all of the above it is a sign that you have rodents in your home which need to be evicted as soon as possible, as having them around is dangerous to the health and safety of your family, your pets and your home.

If you have pets or young children we may suggest baiting using lockable boxes.

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