The domino effect from the Garbo strike

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The domino effect from the Garbo strike


The domino effect from the Garbo strike

With the waste from up to 35,000 bins across the City of Sydney remain uncollected the risk of a pest infestation coming to your house increases.

Residents from Waterloo living in unit blocks are reporting of fly and maggot-infested garbage rooms, which ultimately are making their way into their units.

Residents in Paddington, Potts point and surrounding areas are reporting that the uncollected bins have worsened the rat infestation.

We have been receiving calls from desperate homeowners needing urgent pest control services due to the uncollected rubbish.


effect from the Garbo strike

Rats carry diseases but are also very destructive as they need to continuously gnaw to keep their teeth short, which can lead to significant damage to your home and belongings.

Rats and mice have even been implicated in causing house fires after chewing through wiring!

They can cause structural damage to hill sides and retaining walls, contaminate food and their droppings have been found to be potential asthma triggers.



How much damage can rats and mice do to your home?

How can you tell you have a rat problem?

  • Scratching noises in walls or under the floor
  • Dark, tapered droppings about 9mm to 1cm long.
  • Distinctive, ammonia-like smell
  • Damage to wood and plastic caused by gnawing.
  • Ripped food packaging.
  • Nests built in warm, hidden places using shredded material such as newspaper and fabrics.
  • Burrows in places like compost heaps, under sheds or under decking

If you suspect a rodent infestation, it is still always best to ask for help from Sydneys Best Pest Control. If you see any evidence of rodents living in your home, do not think twice and act right away. Rodents can reproduce in a short span of time and can turn to a big problem overnight if left unattended.

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effect from the Garbo strike

Cockroaches produce a dangerous protein and that can cause allergic reactions and can trigger asthma.

Cockroaches carry certain bacteria that can contaminate food with their waste and saliva, cause illnesses, and make you sick! Food poisoning, diarrhea, and Staphylococcus infections are some of the diseases caused by cockroach contaminated food.

Why cockroaches are hazardous to your health.


How can you tell you have a cockroach problem?

  • The appearance of cockroach droppings.
  • Some cockroaches leave a musty odour that gets stronger with a bigger infestation.
  • Cockroach skins can be seen where cockroaches are harbouring.
  • In high moisture areas, cockroaches leave brown, irregular shaped smear marks.
  • The appearance of cockroach egg capsules

If you suspect, you have a cockroach problem get in touch with Sydneys Best Pest Control. Untreated cockroach problems can get out of hand quickly.

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effect from the Garbo strike

When these flies suddenly appear inside, the most likely source producing the flies should be found as soon as possible to stop their reproduction.

Flies lay their eggs in decomposing organic matter, like garbage, animal manure, decaying vegetables, grass clippings and poorly managed compost piles.

Even though flies are important part of nature, no one wants to see their house invaded with flies.


All you need to know about flies

How can you tell you have a fly problem?

  • Clusters of small dark spots
  • Seeing flies regularly around your home, near food or around garbage bins.
  • Seeing maggots which can indicate a fly breeding site.

Contact Sydneys Best Pest Control who will be able to provide you FREE effective and trusted DIY pest control methods of controlling flies.

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effect from the Garbo strike

Maggots are the larvae of a fly.

They can be easily recognised by their cream body; they have a slender head and a thick blunt rear end.

There are 2 small openings towards the rear which look like kidney beans and are used to breathing and eating dead tissue!




Contact Sydneys Best Pest Control who will be able to provide you FREE effective and trusted DIY pest control methods of eradicating and preventing maggots.

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