Pest Control Tips for Boaters

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Pest Control Tips for Boaters

Pest Control Tips for Boaters

I am sure you will agree with me when I say that no one wants to share their boating time with birds or other wildlife. Looking at them from a distance is one thing, but when they decided to make your boat their home they can be quite difficult not only to deal with but to also deter.

We have put together some solutions for you!



There is more than one type of bird that would be more than happy to perch or even set up their nests on your boats.

The simple solution to deter birds is not to feed them!

I am sure everyone who has ever been out on the waters have thrown some bread over the sides of the boat, but by doing this, you are also inviting other birds to come in for a free feed. They will keep coming back for more and will bring their friends with them!

The next tip is one that we also provide to home owners who have an issue with bird, some say it works, others say it really makes no difference, but I am sure if you have had enough of birds hanging around your boat you will be willing to try anything.

Owls: That’s right, use a plastic owl! Apparently, the owls scare away birds. Some say that the birds just get used it to it and come back, while others say that if the owl is hanging and moves with the wind it is a lot more effective.

Monofilament fishing line:  By stringing this fishing line on the bird favourite boat perches has worked for some. The biggest thing to remember here is to ensure you do not let it fall over board t protect the sea life and if you need to dispose of it, recycle it if you can or dispose of it responsibly.

Flying Flags or Shiny Objects: You can use multi-coloured flags, pinwheels, shiny string, some say hanging up cd’s with string also work as the light reflects off the cds and birds don’t like it.


If you have found or seen evidence of rats or mice aboard you will need to come up with a plan quickly as they can do damage to your plastic fittings and wiring. Damage has previously been noted of rats chewing through the hoses to thru-hulls which can sink the boat!

We all know that prevention is better than a cure, store food products in glass jars and throw out the trash regularly.

Where possible cover vents with wire mesh or hardware cloth from the inside if you need to keep the vent open as rats are nocturnal and like dark and quiet areas if you leave on bright lights and the radio it may deter them from coming onboard.

If you are out at sea and you find a rat aboard, you will need to consider snap traps. Use Nutella or peanut butter to the trap. It is best that once the mouse/rat has been caught you dispose of the snap trap. Some people like to reuse the snap traps, but if it smells like death only a desperate hungry rat will go for it!

When your boat is not in use check it regularly. If you were to discover that you have mice or rats aboard you can deal with it early, before it eats through your wiring. You should also be checking your boat for signs of rodent droppings.