Keeping Rodents Away

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Keeping Rodents Away

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Have you been hearing scratching noises at night? Inside your roof? Inside the walls? Creaking and squeaking? Chances are, you have a new house mate and they are not the type you’ll like to live with.

All homeowners can agree that it feels uneasy finding out that you may be harboring rats or mice in your house. Seeing rats come out of nowhere, may it be in your kitchen, attic, or even in the garden will always give you that certain feeling of surprise and fear.

Rodents during cooler months, like fall and winter likes to stay in the warmth of indoors. As we, humans can be a host of their basic needs such as food, warmth, and shelter. Rodents carries a lot of diseases and are capable of destroying properties with their sharp teeth that helps them chew through hard objects such as wood.

So, what can you do to prevent having them in your house?

Luckily there are steps that we can take to keep these creatures away.

Always keep the house clean.

  • Rodents are scavengers and will eat anything that is available for them.
  • Do not leave food uncovered and avoid spilling food on the floor as this can attract them.
  • Keep your garbage neat, make sure that the bin has a lid and that it is disposed regularly.

Seal up all possible entrance points.

  • Rodents are very flexible creatures, they can slip through the smallest opening or crack, and require very little space to travel inside, so it is best to
    prevent them from coming in by making sure that all holes are covered.

Make use of Rat repellants.

  • Mothballs and Ammonia can be used as rodent repellants.
  • You may place mothballs and ammonia in areas where rodents are usually seen.
  • The smell of mothballs and ammonia will make rodents running to the other direction and will keep them away for a while. However, this will not eradicate them and once the smell has worn off.

Use Wire Cage Traps.

  •  It is one of the most cost-effective way of eradicating rats. It is reusable and can catch them easily. On one hand, it is an ideal choice in catching rats as it has a sensitive trigger that will easily trap the mouse.
    On the other hand, it is a live trap so it will be your responsibility to kill/dispose the rat. The trap can only catch one mouse at a time and it takes time to set up the trap.

Snap Traps.

  • Using snap traps can be very effective especially when used properly. It kills the rat instantly as the snap goes directly on the rat’s neck. This is also considered as the most humane way to kill a rodent as this provides an instant kill.
  • However, you need to be careful in using this as any movement can cause the snap to react and might not catch the rodent. If used incorrectly, and if the snap is not strong enough, the rat will just be injured and not killed. Worst is that the rat might escape the trap.

Sticky paper and glue boards.

  • They should be placed where rodents are usually seen. They can be cheaper than snap traps and are non-toxic.
  • It is good as you do not need to clean it after each catch and you can dispose it with the rodent.
  • On the downside, it can only be used once, and like the snap trap, it can only catch one rat at a time.
  • They may also catch other animals aside from rodents such as lizards. It does not kill the rat instantly and they usually struggle before they die.

Call a licensed pest professional.

  • If you suspect an infestation, it is still always best to ask for help from the professionals. If you see any evidence of rodents living in your home, do not think twice and act right away. Rodents can reproduce in a short span of time and can turn to a big problem overnight if left unattended.

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