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How to get rid of flies in Sydney?

How to get rid of flies in Sydney?

Imagine a home owner’s horror when flies suddenly appear inside their home in mass numbers especially when there does not appear to be a reason for the appearance.

The type of fly often looks somewhat like houseflies, but can be shiny green, blue, bronze or black. These shiny, metallic coloured flies are called blow or bottle flies. They congregate around windows and produce a buzzing sound.

Where do they come from?

Bottle or blow flies lay their eggs in decomposing organic matter, like garbage, animal manure, decaying vegetables, grass clippings and poorly managed compost piles.

These flies are important part of nature in the decay process of animal carcasses and are usually the first insects to arrive within hours after an animal dies.

When these flies suddenly appear inside, the most likely source producing the flies should be found as soon as possible in order to stop their reproduction.

There are usually only a few possibilities that need to be investigated.

Break in sewer pipes – This is caused when sewage seeps beneath a pipe into an area that flies can get to it. Perfect breeding ground for flies

Stored garbage – Flies are attracted to anything that can rot. With garbage that has not been taken out often enough, and especially during hot, humid and dry days. Flies lay eggs in meat and vegetable scraps in your trash can.

These eggs then hatch into maggots. Once the maggots have finished feeding, they will often crawl away looking for dark and secluded areas to pupate

A dead animal carcass – will produce a flush of flies. One common source is a rat, a mouse that has been forgotten caught in mouse trap, birds or a possum.

Really, animal that that dies in roof voids or wall cavities can be fodder for flies.

The general rule is that the larger the animal, the more flies that can be produced. It really is quite amazing how many flies can develop in even a small animal like a mouse.

Sometimes it is impractical to find and remove the dead animal especially when it is inside the wall.

If you notice an increase in flies together with a rotting smell, give Sydney’s Best Pest Control a call to discuss this issue. During the winter months and if you or a neighbour has had a rodent treatment done recently it is quite possible that a rat has died in the roof or wall cavity. We have tools in place that if the carcass cannot be located we can take care of the smell. See Eau De Dead Rat 

How do I get rid of the flies?

This type of fly are attracted to light from windows during the day. You can us fly strips to capturing them. It might appear unsightly but it is a temporary measure until the source of their breeding ground is dealt with.

If you intend on using the fly strips ensure your curtains and blinds are tied back securely so the fabric doesn’t get “stuck” in the sticky traps.

Aerosol insecticides like Baygon or Mortein can be used successfully but remember this only kill exposed flies; any new emerging flies will not be affected by the spray.

If your fly issue does not go away with these tips give us a call!