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Crickets 101

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What are crickets?

  • Belonging to the grasshopper family, this small insect can be recognised by their distinctive antennae (which in length are equal or sometimes longer than its body) large, hind legs that allow the cricket to jump.

Why do they chirp?

  • The sounds crickets make is created when male crickets rub their wings in tandem.

Crickets inside the house?

  • Whilst they are largely outdoor creatures, they are known to enter our homes by accident through doors and windows.
  • They can also enter homes through the cracks formed adjacent to windows or gaps under the doors.

Do they carry disease?

  • Unlike mosquitoes and fleas that carry diseases or cause damage property and belongings, crickets pose no direct health threats to humans.
  • At the most, crickets can be considered as an avoidable nuisance that can be effectively controlled through preventive measures.
  • Since they are outdoors based, control can be achieved by targeting the exterior areas of homes before focusing on the interiors. Depending on the severity of infestation and its intensity you’ll have to explore chemical control.

How to get rid of  crickets?

Preventive measures for controlling crickets in the outdoors include:

  • Removing weeds, firewood, tall grass and other debris lying in the premises.
  • Repair cracks at the edges of ground-level windows and gaps under doors.
  • Replace high-intensity lighting with low key lighting in the outdoor areas
  • Switch off lights when not required.
  • opt for yellow lights instead of neon or mercury vapour lights.
  • Proper sanitation.

If crickets have infested your home, don’t stress. Outside of their natural habitat, they can’t survive for very long and are unable to lay eggs. So a simple clean up should rid you of your cricket problem. Dry out any damp areas and clear out any clutter that could act as a refuge for crickets like boxes, papers and any other objects you can think of. As an extra precaution, you can also try setting up sticky traps.

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