Why Do I Get So Many Cockroaches In My Unit Or Townhouse?

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Why Do I Get So Many Cockroaches In My Unit Or Townhouse?

Why Do I Get So Many Cockroaches In My Unit Or Townhouse?

Units or townhouses are high density residential areas and from a pest control point of view treating individual units is not always sufficient enough to control the large cockroach species.

Large cockroaches, whether it be American, oriental or Australian cockroaches, tend to live and breed in the roof void, the subfloor and the walls of buildings, hence why just treating one or two units is not enough to eradicate the problem.

German cockroaches prefer to live in and around the kitchen, bathroom & laundry. Cockroaches prefer to remain in rooms where water is present. This is because cockroaches need water to survive. Did you know the cockroaches can live up to 10 days without a head, yet cannot survive longer than a week without water?

If you are seeing small cockroaches in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry it is essential to get on top of it as soon as possible, as this cockroach species breeds rapidly and can spread throughout your entire unit in a matter of weeks.

When treating for German cockroaches, Sydney’s Best Pest Control use a gel combined with a non-repellent insecticide, which prevents the cockroaches being pushed to other internal parts of the unit.

If your pest control company is still using powders or sprays, are only offering you a 3 month warranty or are telling you that you need more than one treatment to eradicate German cockroaches, then its time to look for a new pest control service.

As far as treating large cockroach species, powders and low mammalian toxicity odourless insecticides are used to flush them out of their hiding places in the roof, subfloor and wall spaces.

It is common to see an increase in cockroach activity after pest control has been done, as the insecticides are doing their job in flushing them out of their hiding spaces.

When you ask a pest control company to treat for large cockroaches in a unit, we recommend speaking to your agent or strata manager as the issue is likely to be related more to the building rather than being a problem just within your unit.