What spiders are in Sydney

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What spiders are in Sydney

What spiders are in Sydney

The first species that I am going to cover is that of the Araneae, in simple terms spiders! For those readers that suffer from arachnophobia, I suggest you look away!

The main reason I decided this subject would be the first one to cover is because a recent customer asked if her children could play with spiders like they did in their homeland… & of course my answer was NO!

Unless you are a specialist in the field how is a member of the general public really going to know what is dangerous or deadly ?

For more information in regards to the anatomy & life cycles of spiders visit our website

The most common Sydney Spiders are:

Spiders – The Basic Safety Tools

Many spiders are nocturnal so take care especially during sunset and the night time, and it is usually during the warmer weather that spiders and their webs become more obvious.

Clothing & Shoes

  • Be careful when removing clothes from the clothes line as spiders can climb inside your clothes, so ensure you shake out all clothing before bringing items inside after they have dried.
  • Any clothes or shows that have been left on the floor or outside during the night ensure that they are shaken out and checked before putting on.
  • Gardening gloves seem to be another favorite hiding place for spiders, so again check the gloves before putting them on.


  • In high risk areas make sure all bedding is kept off the floor and away from the walls
  • Make sure you pull the bedding down and ensure that no spiders have made their way into your bed
  • If you decide to go on a camping trip and are using sleeping bags, ensure that the sleeping bag is well inspected before you crawl into it.

No one wants to share their bed with a spider !

Areas in & Around your house

  • Common breeding and hideaways for spiders include the attic, wood piles, sheds, garages, fences and other areas that may be cluttered places. If you need to go into these areas keep your eyes out for webs, and before doing any garden work or moving leaf matter & wood debris make sure you wear gloves.
  • Garden beds, shrubs, trees and rockeries are also common hiding places for spiders, again take care and wear gloves before gardening or moving any debris

The Sydney Funnel Web Spider

The Sydney Funnel web spider is the most poisonous spider in the world, with its bite known to be able to go through a finger nail. Before anti venom was available many people lost their lives.

While the male is in search for a female funnel webs may enter your home, if this happens DO NOT approach the spider or try to kill it without wearing protective clothing as the male species can become VERY aggressive.

The best method to capture the funnel web is to place a clear object over the spider and do not panic. If a bite has occurred the spider will needed for identification purposes, so the correct anti venom can be administered.

NOTE: If you are not sure what the spider is, DON’T TOUCH, if possible take a photo of it, send it to us & let the professionals identify the spider for you.