What Are The Dangers Of DIY Pest Control Treatments

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What Are The Dangers Of DIY Pest Control Treatments

What Are The Dangers Of DIY Pest Control Treatments?

Whether it is a cockroach infestation, a bee hive that needs removing, termite activity in your home or bedbugs are biting at you at night, you know you have a pest control issue that needs addressing. Often people seek out a solution in an attempt to resolve their problem on their own.

DIY pest control is not as easy or as effective as you may want it to be.

It has been heard on the news; you can read about it on the internet or in your local paper, DIY pest control treatments can be dangerous not only to your health, your home and your property but also to the neighbours!

Recently it was reported a home owner managed to set their house on fire in an attempt to eradicate a bed bug infestation. This home owner went online and followed some instructions on how to rid his home of bedbugs, he/she went back into the room and used any appliance that generates heat, left them on and ultimately the house caught on fire!

This is not an isolated case, over the years there have been many cases like the one mentioned above. Other instances where home owners or tenants using bug bombs trying to eradicate a problem only to have the bomb explode as it has come in contact with a type of flammable object.

Don’t you now think paying for a professional pest control service would have been less expensive than the cost to replace your possessions and rebuild your home?

We have had customers who have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars on DIY pest control treatments and have been left disappointed, out of pocket, frustrated and in the end to call a professional company, which should have been done in the start!

By delaying a professional pest control treatment, you risk allowing pests infestations to increase!

Did you know a family of 5-6 mice can turn into a family of 50-60 in just 90 days!

90 days of trying to DIY could turn a small problem into a large problem.

Consider this, you find a bee hive hanging from a tree in the backyard, you attempt to remove it, the bees become agitated and either yourself, your child, your pet or your neighbour end up getting stung, if allergies are an issue for anyone stung this would also mean hospital and possible even death.

There are many pests that can invade and take up residence in your home, and it is important to know what you are dealing with to ensure that the correct treatment is taken out for that particular pest, as each pest has different species, which require targeted pest control treatments. EG you would do a cockroach treatment for a flea infestation?

Sydney’s Best Pest Control technicians know where to look, how to determine and how to resolve all of your pest infestations. Our technicians will provide you with options not only to eliminate the current pest infestation but also how to prevent the pests from coming back.

If you have tried to eradicate a pest infestation, if you are considering DIY pest control give Sydney’s best Pest Control a call today on 1800 819 189  and let us help you!

Sam Yehia

Owner of Sydneys Best Pest Control