Do Ultrasonic Pest & Rodent Devices Work

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Do Ultrasonic Pest & Rodent Devices Work

Do Ultrasonic Pest & Rodent Devices Work

Every year new items are introduced to the market that promises to rid and keep your home pest free. The latest trend and is something we are asked frequently about is the ultrasonic or electronic insect and rodent repellers which can be found on tv, in hardware stores, or in home shopping guides that are delivered right to your door.

Their marketing technique is simply scare tactics by using chemical labelling to scare the listener or reader into wanting to buy an easy green “safe” product

When contacting any pest control company you have the right to ask what chemicals will be used. Sydneys Best Pest Control list all chemicals used on our website, in the menu under MSDS. If you are unsure, always pick up the phone and give us a call on 1800 819 189

The ultrasonic pest and rodent devices make you believe that rodents will pack their bags and leave, while causing no harm to domestic pets; they even claim that pet rats will not be affected….

Say what?  They are claiming that pet rats are not affected by the ultrasonic device what makes anyone believe that feral rodents will be affected?



Makes you think right?

No.What a wonderful device that can tell the difference between pet rats and feral rats.. wow!

There have been several studies done on these devices and some have shown that cockroaches do respond, because they become agitated and move around, but does this mean they will leave forever or will be eradicated and not come back into your home?


When you speak pest controllers, about these ultrasonic pest eradication devices, all will tell you they have found clusters of cockroaches actually inside these devices due to the warmth they emit.

In the studies that have been done, rodents merely avoid or adjust and adapt to the new noises and ultrasonic waves and they end up ignoring it, leaving you out of pocket and a pest infested house.

The Australian Newcastle University has studied and rejected ultrasonic sound as a means for rodent control. Ultrasound waves have not been shown to eradicate rodents from buildings and the waves have had no affect on rodent populations.

Tests in commercial properties with commercial style devices have shown that the rodents may leave the building for a few hours, but return to their normal activities will no concern to the devices installed.

Other Dangers

  • Pets have been known become sick

  • Increased fire hazard

  • Global warming

The saying “If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true” fits in with these devices.

There are many non – low toxic pest control methods that will work to not only eradicate pests but to prevent them from coming back.

If you are experiencing a pest infestations don’t waste your money on objects that are not going to work. In the time you are using these products the infestation can make worse.

Remember it only takes 90 days for a family of 5-6 mice to grow into a family of 50-60!

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