Sudden Explosion Of Huntsman Spiders In Sydney

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Sudden Explosion Of Huntsman Spiders In Sydney

Sudden Explosion Of Huntsman Spiders In Sydney

We have been receiving many calls in the last 3 weeks about an explosion of baby spiders on the ceiling of the bathroom and lounge rooms.
This can be quite disturbing to waking up in the morning and finding all these spiders.

More than likely they are huntsman spiders. The long brown legs and hairy body give them an appearance of being dangerous

With outdoor temperatures dropping and the cooler weather, huntsman spiders make their way into your home and even vehicles.

Fast moving and tending to hide behind your sun visor in the car, they tend to hide and be in areas where it might mimic their external habitat.

These spiders are harmless and do more good than harm, acting as a deterrent to large Australian cockroaches and American cockroaches.

If you see one behind your son visor or one drops on you stay calm, if calm has any meaning in this situation.

If you happen to wake up or on getting home you find them on the ceiling, quickest and easiest thing to do is give them a spray with any of the fly sprays in your supermarket. You do not need to spray the hell out of them, just a light spray.

Once they drop you know you have more than likely have given them a dose, so if they run under your couches, don’t panic, they will die.

Treatment for huntsman is very easy and straight forward; we normally safely dust any cracks and crevices around the unit, including air vents, around windows, gaps in skirting boards, roof voids, sub floors.

We do highly recommend

  • Clean your gutters
  • Cut away any large overhanging trees away from the residence
  • Seal any cracks or crevices
  • Remove any leaf matter
  • Do park your cars away from large trees