There’s a rat in the Restaurant!

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There’s a rat in the Restaurant!

There’s a rat in the Restaurant!

Picture this, it is 7pm on a Friday night, your restaurant is full, newer customers have just ordered their entree while others are moving onto their main meal. Out of nowhere, a woman screams and jumps up onto the table, jumping up and down and screaming on the top of her voice RAT! RAT! RAT! Everyone in the restaurant turns and looks, staff jump up onto chairs, customers leap from their seats, grabbing their phones and start snapping photos of this rat that has just invaded your dinning area.

Within minutes, your business name is being dragged through the mud, rumors begin to spread, your reputation is on the line and your business is the now the hottest topic on Facebook & Twitter. As you run to try and remove the rat from your restaurant, whilst the customers are still standing on the tables Photos are being uploaded and status updates are being typed! People start to leave, half eaten unpaid meals are left on the table and freshly made orders are binned as there is no one left to serve them to.

You try to offer your apologies, but no one listens. In their eyes your restaurant is a rodent infested, unsanitary restaurant they will never enter again and your worst nightmare has come true.

However the issue does not end with the customers leaving. You can almost guarantee that the customers will lodge complaints with the health authorities, they will advise their friends and family not to enter your restaurant, your good reputation has been ruined.

If you don’t want this scenario to come true, then I suggest you keep reading.

Pest Control companies are often only contacted after an issue arises, however it is a well known fact that Rats and mice tend to breed quickly, if you have seen one, or know that there has been activity then you can almost certain that it is not the work of just one rat or mouse.

The longer you leave a rodent infestation uncontrolled, the harder it is to remove, the process will take longer and the cost will be significantly higher.

Rats and mice are responsible for spreading serious diseases and their urine and feces can contaminate food, utensils and cooking appliances. They also need to gnaw on hard materials and we have seen damage that has been done to walls, door-frames, skirting boards, wires and cables, upholstery, books, and even food containers! Remember, this can increase the fire hazard of your workplace.