Rain, Hail, Wind Storms & Pest Control

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Rain, Hail, Wind Storms & Pest Control

Rain, Hail, Wind Storms & Pest Control

During this time of the year storms of rain, hail, and win are common in Sydney. While we worry about the possible damage that could be caused to our homes & possessions there is one other possibility we need to consider.

During a wild storm damage to the roof is the most common problem that arises. While our first priority and rightly is to repair any damage that has happened to prevent even more damage to your properties.

Have you ever considered what would happen if during the storm a native animal such as a possum sees your damaged roof as an easy access point to a dry safe area?What happens to the possum if the roof is repaired, and it has no way out?

It will die and most likely a slow painful death either of starvation or dehydration. Remember possums are protected native Australian fauna and it is our responsibility to ensure they are still around for future generations.

Therefore it’s important that before any roof damage is repaired, the roof void (space) is checked for any wildlife that may have used your roof space as a sanctuary during the storm. One the roof is repaired it will not have a way to exit your property.

If after a storm, you hear noises in your roof, scratching in the walls on the ceiling call someone out to check it out. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?People may often mistake scratching in the roof to be birds, rats or mice, but what if it just happened to be a possum that is stuck, fighting for its life trying to exit your roof.

If after a storm or more so anytime you hear any scratching, thumping, running in your roof, you know it is time to get out a pest control expert who will inspect the area and will advise you of what needs doing.

If it is a possum your pest control technician will place a cage in your roof and you will be asked to monitor the cage. Once the possum is caught call the pest control company back, they will remove the cage and will release the possum back into the open where it belongs.

I’m sure the last thing anyone wants is the smell of rotting animal corpses in your roof!

Identification Tools

If you are hearing noise more at sunrise or sunset, if you can hear loud thumping or bangs and even if you can hear scary hissing and heavy breathing then your roof may be housing a possum or two. If you have someone home who is willing to go up into the roof space and have a look around with a torch, this would be a good idea!

Be weary though, possums can be aggressive!

If you suspect you have or know you have a possum in your call us to organise a tech to come out and place a possum cage in the roof space.

You will need to check the cage daily and once caught, you will need to call as out ASAP so the possum does not become overheated, dehydrate and die.

Note: it is illegal to kill possums as they are a protected Australian Fauna.