My Ant Issue Is Worse Since It Was Treated… WHY?

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My Ant Issue Is Worse Since It Was Treated… WHY?

My Ant Issue Is Worse Since It Was Treated… WHY?

Sydney’s Best Pest Control tackles a lot of ant problems!

Ants can be found everywhere in units, homes, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, food processing plants and really anywhere you can ever imagine. As we have previously mentioned in previous blogs ants are not really a pest that you want in your home not just because they are a nuisance but because they travel through unsanitary means to get into your house.

Information on the specifics of Sydney’s Best Pest Control Ant control can be found here

The method that we use internally is through an ant bait and is found to be an effective solution to getting rid of ants, as in combination with the external spray the ant bait works to eradicate the entire nest of ants, not just the surface ants.

After the ant treatment has been conducted, it is quite common to see the ant issue worsening… they do say things have to get worse before they can get better right?, but rest assured that this is only a short term set back and a known side effect of ant baiting.

The way the ant bait works is that it is an attractant to the ants, which obviously means you are going to see more ants showing up, but rest assured this is not a bad thing and it does not mean the treatment is not working, however the opposite can be said, in reality the more ants that are taking the bait, the more ants will be carrying the bait back to the nest to eliminate the entire colony!

The bait may not be an instant kill but it will eliminate the entire nest within a few weeks.

If your technician has kindly left some additional ant bait with you, if any new ant trails appear before calling us back please ensure use the ant bait as specified by your technician.

So next time you have an ant treatment done and you see an increase in ant activity, smile because you know their doom will be soon upon them!