Is this a maggot?

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Is this a maggot?

Is it a maggot or Pantry Moth Larvae


Pest Control companies often take calls from customers who are having issues with white crawling insects. It is common to confuse fly maggots with pantry moth larvae as they are both white and both usually appear in the kitchen.

The best way to identify what is going on is to use the comparison chart below

Fly Maggot Pantry Moth Larvae
white worm larva larvae

  • White
  • No Head
  • No legs
  • One end is wider than the other
  • Has 2 claw like hooks at the tapered end
  • Cannot crawl up walls
  • 2mm -15mm in length
white worms larvae maggot

  • White
  • Brown Head
  • Short Legs
  • Can Crawl up walls
  • Creates Cocoons
  • 5mm in length

If you have an issue with maggots or pantry moth larvae contact Sydneys Best Pest Control on 1800 819 189 and our consultants will guide you through the process of eradication