I am not a wanna-bee, I am a wasp!

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I am not a wanna-bee, I am a wasp!

I am not a wanna-bee, I am a wasp!

You might be annoyed of the black and yellowish insect flying around disrupting a good summer picnic – please don’t be those are wasps and somehow beneficial and help balance the ecosystem.

Wasps make nests from paper. They chew up strips of bark and spit it out again to form a rough paper.

What do they look like?

Wasps are one of the sexiest insects in the world that has a very thin, slender waistline and a cone-like abdomen.

They are hairless and a size that differs in what kind of wasps they are, basically from the smallest of 0.51in to 1.5in.

They are cousins to bees and may have the same basic colours however, wasps have more recognizable colours and patterns than bees. They are more striking and colourful.

The way they look varies on what kind of species they are – they could be the familiar yellow and black or metallic blue or even bright red.

Note that the most colourful wasps usually belong to the stinging species.

How to prevent wasps coming to your home?

  • Ensure that there is no food left out in open.
  • Grow plants that they do not like ( Citronella, Mint, Eucalyptus)
  • Buy or create a fake nest. Wasps are territorial so if they see there is one enjoying your vicinity they are likely going to look somewhere else.
  • Make sure that you seal cracks, window frames and entry points.
  • You might also want to avoid using sweet perfume and avoid wearing bright or strong flowery clothes.


Wasps may be frightening to other people as they fly swiftly around doors or entryways setting up their nests and sting when threatened.Β  And like any other insects, they are going to go where they believe there is food.

Remember removing a wasp nest comes with risks so call Β Sydney’s Best pest Control on 1800 819 189 our staff are standing by to help !