Are you Struggling with Rice Weevils?

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Are you Struggling with Rice Weevils?

Are you Struggling with Rice Weevils?

Have you had stored flour or rice that you have not used in a while? Better check as there might be something there that is consuming it before you.

Rice Weevils are attracted stored goods, including wheat, rice, and maize which is why they are known as a storage pest!

How to get rid and Prevent Rice Weevil from infesting your home?

The problem with weevils is that by the time most we realize we have them, it’s too late. It is also a real challenge to get rid of them within the stored of flour, rice or other food. As they lay a lot of eggs, the infestation is inevitable once it happens.

Rice weevils can fly and are attracted to light. As Weevils do not survive well in cold environments, reducing the temperature can stop them in infesting your pantry.

All food storage areas within your home should be scrubbed clean to ensure that the eggs are removed, and they do not develop.

It is best to:

  • Discard infested foods as they can bore through plastic and cardboard so inspect everything thoroughly.
  • Vacuum pantry shelves, cracks, and crevices.
  • Wipe shelves with white vinegar.
  • Dispose of garbage and vacuum bags outside.
  • Check regularly for reappearance
  • Inspect all grains upon delivery
  • If possible, Freeze grains for at least 1 week (or store permanently in the freezer) to kill any eggs.
  • Keep grains in tightly sealed glass, metal, or sturdy plastic containers
  • Regularly clean cracks, crevices, and shelves.
  • Small bags of black pepper placed around the shelves may repel weevils.



What is a Rice Weevil?

Rice Weevils are small pests that are commonly found in rice. They are much similar to other weevils, though they are easily distinguishable by the small orange-reddish patches present on their bodies. A rice weevil has a long “snout” which allows them to pierce the stalks and grains. Theses weevils are so small, that they can burrow into a single grain of rice to eat it from the inside out.

What does Rice Weevil feed on?

Weevils can infest your food supply which contains flour, grains, or rice. They are also common eaters of stored pasta and other food substances made from wheat.

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