Are cockroaches really attracted to light ?

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Are cockroaches really attracted to light ?

Are cockroaches really attracted to light ?

Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal creatures, so they take advantage of the fact that humans sleep at night which gives them free range to explore our homes.

Most people who we have spoken to have expressed their disgust that when they go into a room at night, turn a light on and see cockroaches scurrying away, which have led people to believe that cockroaches dislike or are afraid of the light.

Some species of cockroach prefer the daytime and this beautiful and colourful species which is found mostly in nature is not what most people refer to or even think of when they hear the word cockroach.

Are cockroaches invading your home?


cockroaches attracted to light

MYTHBUSTED – Are cockroaches sacred of light?

When you research this topic online, you will find conflicting information and some information may lead you to believe that cockroaches are sacred of light, which sorry to say is not true.

Whilst most species prefer dark places they have evolved to know that hiding in the shadows is the best way to survive.

Their preference to reside in damp and dark places does not mean they are scared of the light.

Some people have even expressed the desire to leave the light on in the house, but this would only make your electricity bill more expensive and won’t stop cockroaches entering the room.

What are cockroaches scared of?

If you are like me, then you don’t like sudden change and the same thing can be said for cockroaches. The sudden shift from dark to light is the main why you see cockroaches scurry away to safety.

Do you have an issue with cockroaches at home?

Spotting cockroaches in your home is not something that you should dismiss.

An infestation can begin by a single cockroach.

If you already have this problem, contact Sydneys Best Pest Control to eradicate the cockroaches!

Are cockroaches invading your home?


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